Valorant’s First New Agent After Launch Will be Reyna

Following the closed beta of Valorant, Reyna will be the first brand-new Agent to be made available. The new Agent, who will debut around the time the game launches on June 2, is an attacking juggernaut with a kill-or-be-killed mentality.

Reyna was revealed by Riot in a teaser trailer posted to Twitter. Although the trailer itself didn’t describe each of her specialties, it did show enough of them to give players a sense of how she operates. Ryan “Morello” Scott, a brave lead character designer, also provided clarification on Twitter.

Reyna has two powers in Scott’s description, and they both use Soul Orbs as a common component. One of these skills is a heal, which can restore Reyna’s health to 100 percent and even cause her to overheal, regaining all of her armor up to a total of 50 armor. The other power makes her temporarily invulnerable, however she is unable to shoot during this period. Both of these skills need Soul Orbs, which Reyna can only acquire from killing people.

Scott also informs the audience about Reyna’s ultimate, which he claims gives her improved Soul Orb abilities as well as faster firing, quicker reloading, and less recoil.

The Twitter preview shows the other skill, which Scott doesn’t disclose in his tweets. It seems to be some sort of flash-grenade ability that blinds opponents and might even continue for a moment or two after it is hurled.

Reyna is a “feast or famine” kind of Agent, in Scott’s opinion. She is excellent at exchanging kills and, in the hands of a skilled player, is capable of leading her side to victory. Scott clarifies, “But if she doesn’t get kills, she’s BAD. basically useless. Reyna is a risky choice you’ve made.

The idea of trading, or the trade-off that occurs in a fight: the loser dies and the winner emerges with less health, is a common one in Valorant. Reyna, however, doesn’t experience the same effects. She may restore her health and armor as long as she prevails in battles thanks to her Soul Orb healing. However, it appears that she won’t be able to provide even the bare minimum of team utility that other offensive characters like Phoenix or Jett can if she doesn’t acquire kills.

We’ll probably have to wait till she’s made available in Valorant before seeing a complete analysis of Reyna’s precise equipment. Reyna’s release date isn’t set in stone, but it should be close to June 2 when Valorant debuts. Read more PC games news here at Daman Games Tips.

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