New Fortnite 2023 Leak Reveals Monster’s Return

It appears that Epic Games accidentally leaked details about Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 during the downtime for update v25.20. The NPC spawn file for the upcoming season has reportedly been published, according to leaker and data-miner FortTory. All future NPCs who will be on the island in some way are likely to have their information in the aforementioned file.

With Fortnitemares 2023 occurring every October, it is likely that this NPC is being created for the event as its ID, “LagerEventData_VampireBoss,” suggests that a Vampire boss of sorts will be present on the island. For the time being, this is the only NPC boss that has been found in the files.

What will the Vampire NPC boss do in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 (Fortnitemares 2023)?

Like all NPC bosses in the game, they are typically more challenging to kill than regular NPCs. Additionally, they frequently have better loot drops than regular NPCs. Most likely, Chapter 4 Season 4’s mini-antagonist will be this vampire boss NPC. It might be able to deal direct damage to players’ hit points by eschewing their shield points based on the naming convention.

Having said that, it seems doubtful that the storyline will involve this vampire boss NPC. Boss NPCs frequently make brief appearances on the island before being hurled away once more. Something similar will probably happen this time. However, the neighborhood seems upbeat about the prospects.

Some people appear to think that Epic Games and Morbius might be working together. This hypothesis makes logic even though it appears a bit absurd. There is a connection given that Kraven the Hunter, which will make its cinematic premiere on October 6, 2023, is set in the same universe as Morbius. But for the time being, everything here is just conjecture.

Rift Encounters and Wildlife will be present in Chapter 4, but not all of them

Apart from the boss Vampire NPC and a prospective partnership with Sony’s IP, it appears that Rift Encounters will continue to be playable during the upcoming season. There will also be wildlife, but llamas and raptors seem to have been banned. This raises questions regarding the jungle biome. Without Raptors, the Jungle Biome would become lifeless because they were a necessary addition.

Llamas were also eliminated, which is strange because it is difficult to find them in a match in any case. Llamas’ usefulness has undoubtedly decreased as a result of Capture Points, but doing rid of them makes no logic. Perhaps at the start of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4, Epic Games will offer an explanation. Read more PC games here at Daman Games Tips.

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