PS5 System Update Fixes PS5 Disc Installation Bug

It appears like the PS5 is installing unwanted PS4 versions of games once more.

The most recent system update for the PS5 appears to have brought back an issue that had been previously fixed regarding disc installation.

A recent minor system update for the PS5 was intended to increase stability, but it seems to have undone a previous remedy for one of the console’s most irksome issues. Reddit users have reported the problem resurfacing, and VGC was the first to notice it.

When a game disc is inserted, the console will automatically try to install the PS4 version of the game even if the PS5 upgrade option has been chosen. When the console debuted in November, there were numerous reports of this problem, but Sony seemed to have resolved it earlier this year.

In rare instances, the PS4 version of a game might install off the disc after you upgraded to and installed the PS5 version, according to the patch notes for the February PS5 system update. Now, the PS4 version won’t install without your knowledge when you put in the PS4 game disk.

Although there is a PS4 version and a native PS5 port for games like Death Stranding and No Man’s Sky, reports of the bug returning have been seen in recent weeks on those subreddits. The glitch results in players having two copies of the same game installed on their console’s 825GB hard drive, even though it doesn’t prohibit them from accessing the PS5 version.

The problems persist even after removing the PS4 version of the game since the next time you insert the disk, the console will start the installation process from scratch. According to one customer, their PS5 won’t stop installing Death Stranding without their permission, thus they had to remove the unwanted PS4 version of the game three times.

Since Sony has already addressed this problem, hopefully finding a solution a second time won’t take too long. It’s a frustrating reminder, though, that just because a problem has been fixed doesn’t guarantee it won’t come up again in the future. Sony is likely to covertly include a remedy in the upcoming system update for the PS5. Be updated on the latest console news here at Daman Games Tips.

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