BANW vs PAKW 2nd ODI 2023: Team Analysis, Odds, and Prediction


The cricketing saga continues as BANW vs PAKW gear up for their 2nd ODI showdown on November 7, 2023. This match is not just a display of skill and strategy but also a testament to the enduring spirit of women’s cricket. With our expert insight for team analysis, odds and match prediction. This opportunity surely you will not escape, let’s dive and check what you expect from us!

BANW vs PAKW: Match Details

The BAN-W vs PAK-W encounter is more than a game; it’s a cricketing festivity that brings together fans from both nations. Here’s what you need to know:

  • League: Women’s One Day International
  • Team Match: BANW vs PAKW
  • Venue: Sher-E-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Dhaka
  • Date: November 7, 2023

Match Odds

In the BANW vs PAKW face-off, the odds are a telling indicator of the expected dynamics. Current trends favor PAKW, reflecting their robust form and cohesive team dynamics. Here are our Odds for the upcoming match.

BAN-W vs PAK-W Odds

Bangladesh Women Pakistan Women



BANW vs PAKW: Confrontations

The cricketing history between Bangladesh Women (BANW) and Pakistan Women (PAKW) has been marked by a series of intense and memorable encounters. Each match in their past confrontations has unfolded a new chapter in their rivalry, showcasing the evolving dynamics of women’s cricket. Let’s delve into the recent past to understand how the BANW vs PAKW narrative has developed:

Match League Result Notable Player

1st ODI 2023

Women's ODI

PAKW won by 5 wickets

Nida Dar (PAKW)

World Cup 2022

ICC Women's World Cup

BANW won by 9 runs

Fargana Hoque (BANW)

Qualifier 2021

ICC World Cup Qualifier

BANW won by 3 wickets

Rumana Ahmed (BANW)

2nd ODI 2019

Bilateral Series

PAKW won by 15 runs

Sidra Ameen (PAKW)

1st ODI 2019

Bilateral Series

PAKW won by 29 runs

Javeria Khan (PAKW)

Team Analysis

The BANW vs PAKW matchup is a fascinating study of contrasting cricketing styles and strategies. As we edge closer to their 2nd ODI encounter, a deep dive into each team’s composition, recent form, and on-field dynamics is essential to gauge how the scales might tip this time around.

Bangladesh Women


Bangladesh Women, known for their resilience and tactical acumen, enter the fray with the confidence of playing in familiar conditions. They carry the hopes of their nation, ready to display the blend of youthful exuberance and seasoned expertise that characterizes their team. As underdogs in the BANW vs PAKW series, they have the opportunity to upset the odds and showcase their growth on the international stage. The Tigers’ pride is at stake, and they are set to leave an indelible mark on this much-anticipated contest.

Latest Performance and Key Statistics

Bangladesh Women’s cricket team, known for their spirited and gritty performances, have had a rollercoaster ride in recent times. Their ability to challenge top-tier teams has been commendable, but consistency remains their Achilles’ heel. With a blend of experienced campaigners and exuberant youth, BANW’s recent performances have seen them pull off some close finishes, although victories have been sporadic.

Squad Details, Predicted XI: 

The squad is expected to revolve around the core players who have been the backbone of the team. The predicted XI for BANW might include a mix of steady bats, agile fielders, and cunning bowlers who can exploit the home conditions.

Nigar Sultana (c), Shorna Akter, Shamima Sultana †(WK), Disha Biswas, Fahima Khatun, Fargana Hoque , Sobhana Mostary, Marufa Akter, Sumaiya Akter, Nishita Akter Nishi.

Key Players:

  • Fargana Hoque: A linchpin in the batting lineup, her ability to anchor the innings will be crucial.
  • Nahida Akter: Her left-arm spin has been a consistent threat, often dismantling the opposition’s batting order.
  • Rumana Ahmed: An experienced all-rounder, her versatility could be the X-factor for BANW.

Strengths and Weaknesses: The strength of BANW lies in their spin department, which can turn the game on its head, especially on the slow and turning tracks of Dhaka. However, their batting, particularly the top order, needs to fire collectively to set competitive totals or chase down stiff targets.

Pakistan Women


Pakistan Women step onto the pitch with a formidable reputation, bolstered by recent triumphs and a well-rounded squad. As they face their counterparts in the BANW vs PAKW clash, they bring a blend of strategic depth and individual brilliance that has become their hallmark. The Shaheens are poised to leverage their strengths and continue their ascendancy in women’s cricket. With a blend of seasoned veterans and emerging talents, they are eager to assert their dominance in this high-stakes encounter.

Latest Performance and Key Statistics 

Pakistan Women’s team has been on an upward trajectory, with their recent performances reflecting a newfound resilience and strategic acumen. Their ability to adapt to different conditions and opponents has seen them secure crucial wins, both at home and away.

Squad Details, Predicted XI

PAKW is likely to field a balanced team with a strong batting lineup and a potent bowling attack. The predicted XI would aim to blend aggression with caution, ensuring a steady approach to the game.

Nida Dar (c), Muneeba Ali † (WK), Aliya Riaz,Sadaf Shamas,  Bismah Maroof, Iram Javed, Nashra Sandhu, Natalia Pervaiz, Sadia Iqbal, Umm-e-Hani, Waheeda Akhtar 

Key Players:

  • Nida Dar: The captain’s all-round skills have been instrumental in many of PAKW’s recent successes.
  • Sidra Ameen: Her prowess at the top of the order sets the tone for the innings.
  • Diana Baig: A fast bowler who can swing the ball, adding an edge to the bowling attack.

Strengths and Weaknesses: PAKW’s strength has been their comprehensive bowling attack, capable of restricting teams to modest totals. Their spinners, in particular, have been economical and wicket-taking. The batting lineup has depth, but the middle order needs to ensure stability to avoid collapses, which has been a concern in the past.

In the BANW vs PAKW equation, while BANW has the advantage of playing on home soil, PAKW’s recent form and balanced team composition give them an edge. The match will likely hinge on the battle between BANW’s spinners and PAKW’s batters. If PAKW can neutralize the spin threat, they could dictate the pace of the game. Conversely, if BANW’s top order rises to the occasion, they could very well level the playing field. As the team’s gear up for this exciting clash, the cricketing world awaits to see which side will emerge victorious in this battle of equals.

Venue and Conditions

The Sher-E-Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Dhaka, the venue for the BANW vs PAKW 2nd ODI, is a ground steeped in cricketing folklore. Known for its passionate crowds and a pitch that offers a fair contest between bat and ball, the stadium is set to provide a fitting backdrop for this encounter.

  • Ground Details and Stats: The stadium, affectionately known as Mirpur, has been a witness to numerous historic moments in cricket. It is characterized by a pitch that tends to slow down as the game progresses, making the spinners a crucial part of the match equation. Historically, teams batting first have found more success, as the wearing pitch can make chasing even moderate totals a tricky proposition.
  • Pitch and Weather Conditions: The pitch at Mirpur is expected to be a typical subcontinental track—slow and low, with assistance for spinners as the match wears on. Batsmen will need to be patient and play with a straight bat, while bowlers, especially spinners, will find joy if they can maintain consistent lines and lengths.
  • The weather forecast for the day of the match is promising, with clear skies and no rain interruptions anticipated. The temperature is expected to be warm, which could lead to the pitch drying out faster, further aiding the spinners in the second innings.
  • How Conditions Could Impact the Match: The conditions at Mirpur are likely to have a significant impact on the BANW vs PAKW match. The team winning the toss might look to bat first to put runs on the board and then exploit the deteriorating pitch conditions later in the day. Spinners from both sides will be licking their lips at the prospect of bowling on this surface, and the captains will be mindful of managing their overs effectively.

For the batters, the key will be to get set on the pitch and then capitalize, as run-scoring will become increasingly challenging as the game goes on. The outfield at Mirpur is usually quick, so placing the ball into gaps will be crucial for keeping the scoreboard ticking.

Match Prediction Score

In the upcoming BANW vs PAKW 2nd ODI, the prediction leans towards a robust performance by Pakistan Women, considering their cohesive form and the spin-friendly conditions at the Sher-E-Bangla National Cricket Stadium. Whether setting a formidable target around 250 runs or chasing with strategic batting, PAKW is favored to secure victory, potentially by a 30-40 run margin or with 4-5 wickets to spare, capitalizing on their recent form and Bangladesh Women’s batting inconsistencies.

Final Thoughts

As the dust settles on the analytical foray into the BANW vs PAKW 2nd ODI, it’s clear that Pakistan Women are poised to leverage their form and finesse to clinch a victory. With the pitch set to favor the spinners and both teams primed for the challenge, the encounter promises to be a riveting display of women’s cricket at its best. For enthusiasts looking to be part of this thrilling spectacle, DAMAN Games offers an immersive experience with real-time updates and insights. Join the action and witness every moment of this cricketing duel through DAMAN Games, where the spirit of cricket comes alive.

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