What to Expect at the Daman Games 2024?

Daman Games is a casino application that enables users to assess their gaming expertise and skills. A game centered around color prediction, where players can wager on forecasting the correct color or a combination of colors. We should be expecting greater feats in the upcoming Daman Games 2024.

A Brief History For You Before Daman Games 2024

While Indian casinos are prohibited from endorsing or hosting websites that promote online betting games like casinos, sports betting, and bingo, it remains legal for non-Indian casino entities, often referred to as offshore companies, to operate platforms targeting Indian players.

The sole stipulation is that these offshore casinos must provide Indian Rupees as a payment option for their Indian users. However, this information is outdated as of January 2020, with the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh imposing a comprehensive ban on all online betting activities for Indian residents. Violators of this new legislation may face penalties of up to one year in prison or fines.

In 2010, Sikkim intended to issue three licenses for online gambling. As of 2022, the official legalization of online gambling is limited to the states of Goa, Daman, and Sikkim. Additionally, Sikkim allows online lottery activities that accept bets from players across India. There was an anticipation that other states would emulate Sikkim’s approach, potentially paving the way for a substantial online betting market, including matka gambling, across the country.                                                          


Online gambling is in early stage in India:

  • No federal laws in India explicitly prohibit online betting.
  • Recently, some places have enacted specific laws against online betting.
  • There are no documented instances of Indian players facing illegal cases for engaging in online betting even with the placing of Laws such as the Public Gambling Act of 1867 remain in force.

Looking back at Daman Games 2023

Since Daman Games is just starting to progress in India, last year Daman Games 2023 have been successfully recognized as one of the fastest growing apps online. Some of the year end events daman Games held are the:

Daily Check-in, Deposit-Wagering – that will reset every week. To successfully check-in and claim the corresponding fixed bonuses or mystery bonuses, you need to meet the event conditions by making daily deposits and wagers, with the potential to receive bonuses up to 588.

1% Cashback event – Make a deposit of 100 rupees or more in a single transaction to receive a bonus equivalent to 1% of the deposited amount. There is no cap on the bonus, and the greater the amount you deposit, the larger the bonus you can obtain.

Direct Members Commission – The higher your Total Performance or the larger your downline participating, the greater the rate you can achieve, and consequently, the more Bonus you can claim.

Future of Daman Games 2024

You can expect a lot from Daman Games 2024, more rewards and more bonuses to new and old players. Of course old events and old rewards will remain and even be improved for the players’ advantages. A new year event is possible as a new event for all players, so stay tuned for more updates and events here at Daman Games 2024.

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