How to Use the Daman Games Referral Code

The Daman Games referral code is an exclusive code provided by the Daman Games, is a combination of unique characters and numbers. Users in possession of the Daman Games Referral Code can utilize it in the Gift Code section to receive a random bonus from the app.

The bonus amount can range from ₹10 to ₹200, contingent on individual luck. However, it’s essential to note that not all users of the Daman Games app have access to the referral code—it is selectively offered to specific users, particularly those affiliated with Daman Games as invite agents. Consequently, individuals who earn income by promoting the Daman Games app and recruiting new users may receive an additional bonus in the form of the Daman Games Referral Code.

In essence, if you are actively involved in promoting the Daman Games app, you stand a chance to receive the exclusive Daman Games Invite Code.

Using the Daman Games referral code

    1. Go to the official Daman Games website
    2. In the lower right side of the site click the “Account” icon
    3. You will be directed to the ”Login” page and click the “Register” button
    4. Fill in the required information like “Phone Number” and “Set Password” don’t forget to also fill in the Daman invite code for more rewards.
    5. After inserting your designated phone number and password click “Register”.
    6. Wait for the confirmation message and the OTP code, just input the OTP code and you’re all set to play Daman Games.
daman games referral code
daman games referral code

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