PAKW vs BANW 3RD Match Women’s ODI 2023, Betting Tips, Odds, and Prediction


Cricket, a sport that runs like a thread through the fabric of India, brings us another riveting encounter PAKW vs BANW lock horns in the 3rd Match of the Women’s ODI 2023. Scheduled to unfold at the iconic venue that has witnessed numerous cricketing battles, this match promises to be a spectacle of skill and strategy. With the series poised evenly, the importance of this match escalates, making it not just a game of cricket but a narrative of pride and prowess.

The series, a testament to the growing stature of women’s cricket, has seen both teams exhibit remarkable tenacity. As they gear up for this decisive encounter, the stakes are higher than ever, with implications that go beyond the boundary ropes. This match is not just about the series win but also about the points that contribute to the ICC Women’s Championship, adding a layer of significance to the proceedings.

PAKW vs BANW Betting Tips

Cricket enthusiasts and punters alike look forward to these matches of PAKW vs BANW for the thrill and the chance to place a savvy bet. Here are some cricket betting tips  to consider:

  • Team Advantages: PAKW, with their balanced squad and recent form, hold a slight edge. Their ability to adapt to conditions has been commendable.
  • Other Side Team Disadvantage: BANW, while spirited, have shown vulnerability under pressure, which could be a deciding factor in crunch situations.
  • Strong Team Recommendation: Considering the dynamics and past performances, PAKW are the favorites to clinch this encounter, albeit by a narrow margin.

Match ODDS

Based on our expert at Daman Games, the odds are slightly in favor of the Pakistan women’s team, demonstrating their improved rankings and continuous play in recent games. Here are our Odds for the upcoming match.


Pakistan Women Bangladesh Women



PAKW vs BANW: Confrontations

The cricketing rivalry between PAKW and BANW is steeped in a history of intense matches that have showcased the evolving strategies and competitive spirit of women’s cricket. Their past encounters have been a blend of tactical gameplay and individual brilliance, with both teams having moments of dominance. As they gear up for their next ODI, the history between these teams suggests another close contest where strategy and resilience will play key roles in determining the victor.

The head-to-head stats are a mirror to the keenly contested nature of PAKW vs BANW matches. Here’s a snapshot of their recent encounters:

Match Date League Winner Notable Player

Nov 4, 2019

ODI Series


Fargana Hoque (67 runs)

Nov 21, 2021

World Cup Qualifier


Rumana Ahmed (50 runs, 1 wicket)

Mar 14, 2022

World Cup


Fahima Khatun (3 wickets)

Nov 4, 2023

ODI Series


Nida Dar (35 runs, 3 wickets)

Nov 7, 2023

ODI Series

BANW (Super Over)

Nigar Sultana (54 runs)

Team Analysis

In the realm of women’s cricket, the PAKW vs BANW clashes are a testament to the sport’s evolving landscape. As we dissect the teams’ dynamics, it’s evident that both sides bring their unique flair and strategic depth to the pitch. This section delves into the nitty-gritty of each team’s composition, their recent form, and the intrinsic strengths and weaknesses that will come into play in their upcoming ODI confrontation.

Pakistan Women


The Pakistan Women’s cricket team, often known as PAKW in the cricketing circuits, has been a force to reckon with, especially in the subcontinent conditions. Their recent form has been a blend of robust cricketing acumen and a resilient mindset.

Latest Performance and Key Statistics

PAKW’s performances in the recent past have been commendable. With a series of wins under their belt, they’ve shown a tendency to thrive under pressure. The statistics reveal a team that’s not only skilled but also strategically sound, capable of adapting to the ebb and flow of the game.

Squad Details, Predicted XI

The predicted XI for PAKW is expected to be a mix of seasoned players and dynamic newcomers, all ready to leave their mark on the game. The squad is likely to include:

Nida Dar (c), Muneeba Ali †(WK), Natalia Pervaiz, Aliya Riaz, Najiha Alvi †(WK), Bismah Maroof , Diana Baig, Iram Javed, Nashra Sandhu, Natalia Pervaiz, Ghulam Fatima,Sadaf Shamas, Sadia Iqbal, Sidra Ameen, Umm-e-Hani, Waheeda Akhtar 

Key Players

Nida Dar stands out as the linchpin of the team, her all-round capabilities providing PAKW with the balance they need. Her prowess with both bat and ball will be crucial for Pakistan’s chances in the upcoming match.

Strengths and Weaknesses

PAKW’s strength lies in their all-rounders, who provide depth in batting and versatility in bowling. However, their middle order has shown occasional vulnerability, especially when faced with quality spin bowling, which could be a chink in their armor.

Bangladesh Women


Bangladesh Women, or BANW, have been known for their spirited cricket. They’ve consistently punched above their weight and have shown that they can surprise even the strongest of opponents.

Squad Details, Predicted XI

BANW’s predicted XI is expected to be a blend of experience and youthful exuberance, with players who have shown the ability to rise to the occasion. The squad is likely to feature:

Nigar Sultana (c), Shamima Sultana † (WK), Fahima Khatun, Nishita Akter Nishi, Fargana Hoque, Marufa Akter, Sobhana Mostary, Murshida Khatun, Nahida Akter, Rabeya Khan, Ritu Moni, Sanjida Akter Meghla, Shorna Akter, Sultana Khatun, Sumaiya Akter, Disha Biswas,

Key Players

For BANW, Fargana Hoque and Nigar Sultana have been the pillars in the batting lineup. Their ability to anchor the innings and accelerate when needed will be key for Bangladesh’s performance.

Strengths and Weaknesses

BANW’s bowling, particularly their spin department, has been their forte, often stifling the opposition with disciplined bowling. However, the team’s batting has lacked the desired consistency, and the pressure of big matches has sometimes led to collapses that they can ill afford.

As we juxtapose PAKW and BANW, it’s clear that both teams have their distinct strengths that they will look to play to. PAKW’s all-round strength and recent form give them a slight edge, but BANW’s ability to defy odds and their recent head-to-head victories can’t be overlooked. The upcoming PAKW vs BANW match is poised to be a battle of equals, where strategy, skill, and a bit of cricketing luck will determine the victors.

Venue and Conditions

The venue for the PAKW vs BANW 3rd ODI offers a balanced pitch that could shape the game’s trajectory, with early assistance for seamers and later for spinners, reflecting an average first innings score around 230. The forecast suggests ideal cricket weather, with a slight breeze that could influence the toss decision, as teams may opt to bowl first to exploit any early movement. Ultimately, the team that best adapts to these conditions, utilizing their seam and spin combination effectively, will enhance their chances of triumph in this eagerly awaited contest.

Match Prediction Score

Based on our expert in the coming match of PAKW vs BANW. Given the conditions and the teams’ form, a competitive score is likely to be around the 250-mark. Pakistan Women, with their current form, might be the team getting closer to this total. The prediction leans towards PAKW due to their recent form, balanced team composition, and the players’ familiarity with high-pressure scenarios. PAKW is likely to win through a combination of disciplined bowling and a strategic batting approach, possibly by a margin of 20-30 runs or 3-4 wickets.

Final Thoughts

In the cricketing saga of PAKW vs BANW, the upcoming 3rd ODI is set to be a riveting contest. PAKW, with their all-round prowess and key players like Nida Dar in fine form, appear to have the upper hand, especially considering the balanced nature of the pitch and their recent performances. BANW, resilient as ever, will rely on their spin strength and the tenacity of players such as Fargana Hoque. 

The DAMAN GAME’s team, after a thorough analysis, predicts a close encounter but with PAKW likely to emerge victorious, given their slight edge in adaptability and form. The odds favor PAKW, with an anticipated winning margin that reflects their cohesive team dynamics and strategic depth.

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