Pakistan vs Bangladesh 31st Match ICC World Cup Cricket 2023, Team Analyze, Odds, Prediction

Pakistan vs Bangladesh

The cricket pitch is set to witness yet another riveting encounter between Pakistan and Bangladesh in the 31st match of the ICC World Cup 2023. The two teams have had their share of ups and downs in the tournament, yet come October 31, 2023, they will be at loggerheads to edge closer to the coveted trophy. This prediction article aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of both teams’ performances, odds, match prediction, and all while shedding light on the possible outcomes of the upcoming match.

Pakistan vs Bangladesh

Pakistan vs Bangladesh: Match Details

Here is what you need to know for the upcoming events!

  • League: ICC World Cup Cricket 2023
  • Series: 31st Match
  • Team Match: Pakistan vs Bangladesh
  • Date: October 31, 2023

Match Odds

As what expert on Damas Games team prediction for the match odds are slightly tilted in favor of Pakistan, given their historical performance and the form of key players.

Pakistan vs Bangladesh Odds Prediction





Pakistan vs Bangladesh: Confrontations

Over the years, Pakistan and Bangladesh have had numerous encounters on the cricket field. Their previous face-offs show a competitive spirit and remarkable performances by key players from both sides.



Notable Player



Asia Cup 2023

Babar Azam (PAK)

PAK: 289/7, BAN: 250/8


ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Shakib Al Hasan (BAN)

PAK: 315/9, BAN: 221/10


In the previous match of Pakistan vs Bangladesh, PAK establish a Previous Score: 289/7 (Asia Cup 2023) here is the notable player who contribute on the game:





Babar Azam



Fakhar Zaman



Mohammad Rizwan




Here are the players who contributed to the game’s Previous Score: 289/7 (Asia Cup 2023) between Pakistan and Bangladesh:





Mushfiqur Rahim



Liton Das






Team Analysis

The upcoming Pakistan vs Bangladesh clash in the ICC World Cup Cricket 2023 is a blend of seasoned expertise and youthful exuberance. The team analysis sheds light on the tactical and technical prowess each team brings to the pitch. From the formidable batting lineup of Pakistan to the tenacious spirit of the Bangladesh squad, this segment delves into the minutiae that could potentially dictate the game’s trajectory. The analysis aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of both teams’ strengths, weaknesses, and key players, setting the stage for an engaging Pakistan vs Bangladesh encounter.


Pakistan vs Bangladesh

Pakistan’s cricket team, a formidable force in the international cricket arena, enters the 31st match of the ICC World Cup 2023 with a sense of purpose. They bring to the table a balanced combination of experience and youthful exuberance. Let’s delve deeper into Pakistan’s strengths and weaknesses.


  • Top-Order Stability: Pakistan boasts a world-class opening partnership with the likes of Babar Azam and Fakhar Zaman. Babar Azam, the team’s captain, is a run machine known for his exquisite timing and elegant strokes. Fakhar Zaman, on his day, can single-handedly decimate any bowling attack.
  • Bowling Arsenal: Pakistan’s bowling attack is their trump card. Led by the young and fiery Shaheen Afridi, the pace attack is menacing. With the ability to swing the ball both ways and extract bounce, Shaheen can trouble any batsman. Supported by Hasan Ali and Shadab Khan, they form a formidable bowling unit.
  • Spin Department: Pakistan’s spin department is no slouch either. With spin maestro Shadab Khan and the veteran Mohammad Hafeez, they have spin options to capitalize on turning tracks.
  • Experience in World Cups: Historically, Pakistan has performed well in World Cups, having won the tournament twice (in 1992 and 2009). This experience can prove invaluable in high-pressure situations.


  • Fielding Woes: Pakistan has often been let down by their fielding. Dropped catches and misfields have cost them dearly in the past. They must tighten up this aspect of their game to avoid leaking runs.
  • Inconsistent Middle Order: While their top-order is strong, Pakistan’s middle-order has been inconsistent. The team often relies heavily on the top three to score big runs, which can be a problem if early wickets fall.
  • Nervousness Under Pressure: Pakistan has sometimes struggled with pressure situations. They need to work on maintaining composure in crunch moments to consistently secure victories.


Pakistan vs Bangladesh

Bangladesh, often termed as the dark horse in international cricket, has displayed a penchant for defying odds and emerging victorious in crucial encounters. As they gear up for the 31st match against Pakistan in the ICC World Cup 2023, let’s dissect the strengths and weaknesses of the Bangladeshi tigers.


  • Seasoned Campaigners: With stalwarts like Shakib Al Hasan and Mushfiqur Rahim in their ranks, Bangladesh possesses the experience needed for high-pressure situations. Shakib’s all-round abilities and Mushfiqur’s gritty batting have often steered Bangladesh to respectable totals.
  • Promising Young Talent: The infusion of young blood like Liton Das and Mehidy Hasan Miraz brings a fresh and aggressive approach to the game. Their fearless cricket, both with the bat and ball, adds a new dimension to the Bangladesh squad.
  • Solid Top Order: The Bangladeshi top order has been quite reliable with Tamim Iqbal and Liton Das providing steady starts, setting a solid foundation for the middle order to build upon.
  • Spin Bowling Department: Bangladesh’s spin bowling, led by Shakib Al Hasan and Mehidy Hasan, can be quite lethal, especially on spinning tracks. Their ability to choke the run flow in the middle overs is a significant asset.


  • Pace Bowling Concerns: Unlike their spin department, the pace bowling unit lacks the same punch. The absence of a genuine fast bowler who can bowl at the death and take wickets at crucial intervals is a glaring weakness.
  • Inconsistent Lower Middle Order: The lower middle order has been a concern as they often fail to capitalize on good starts provided by the top order. Their ability to finish games strongly has been questionable.
  • Lack of Depth in Batting: Beyond the top order and a couple of experienced middle-order batsmen, the batting line-up tends to crumble, especially against quality pace attacks.
  • Fielding Issues: Just like Pakistan, Bangladesh too has had its share of fielding woes. They need to tighten up in the field to prevent leaking extra runs.

Match Overview

The 31st match of the ICC World Cup Cricket 2023 of Pakistan vs Bangladesh promises to be a cricketing spectacle of grand proportions. With both teams having showcased their mettle in previous encounters, the anticipation surrounding this game is palpable.

Key Player to Watch

As the teams prepare for the battle on Pakistan vs Bangladesh 2023, all eyes will be on the key players. Babar Azam, Pakistan’s charismatic captain, stands at the forefront of their campaign, exuding grace and power with the bat. For Bangladesh, the ever-reliable Mushfiqur Rahim, with his skillful batting and astute wicketkeeping, will be a pivotal figure.

The match is expected to be a tussle of epic proportions, with each side striving to outdo the other. Pakistan, with a slightly better track record in the tournament and in-form players, enters the game as favorites. However, cricket is a dynamic game, where the outcome can swing in either direction.

Match Prediction Score

Considering the strengths and weaknesses of Pakistan vs Bangladesh teams, it’s anticipated that Pakistan may finish with a score of 280/7, while Bangladesh might reach 240/9. But in cricket, surprises are the norm, and the actual outcome may well differ from the match prediction.

The stage is set, the players are primed, and cricket aficionados are in for a thrilling contest. With the key players at the forefront, the stage is set for an electrifying Pakistan vs Bangladesh showdown on October 31, 2023.

Toss and Weather Condition

The toss, often considered the first strategic move in a cricket match, can play a significant role in deciding the outcome of the game. Understanding the toss condition and the weather on the match day is vital for both Pakistan and Bangladesh to plan their game strategies effectively.

Toss Condition

In the match of Pakistan vs Bangladesh, the toss decision is critical in subcontinental conditions familiar to Pakistan and Bangladesh. Teams often opt to bat first, allowing them to set a target and create pressure for the chasing side. However, the dew factor in evening matches can hinder bowlers’ grip, favoring the batting team in the latter part of the game. Therefore, the captain winning the toss faces a challenging decision, balancing the advantages of batting first with the dew-related challenges in the second innings.

Weather Conditions

During the Pakistan vs Bangladesh matches, understanding match-day weather is vital for both teams to adapt effectively to potential challenges. On October 31, 2023, the anticipated temperature of around 25°C created favorable conditions for a full day’s play without the discomfort of extreme heat. Fortunately, there’s no rainfall prediction, ensuring an uninterrupted spectacle. A gentle breeze may slightly aid swing bowlers, but humidity levels within manageable limits mean players won’t grapple with excessive sweating and discomfort.

Winner Prediction

In anticipation of the Pakistan vs Bangladesh encounter in the ICC World Cup 2023, it’s natural to contemplate the potential outcome of the match. With a slight edge in terms of historical performance, key players in good form, and a balanced team composition, Pakistan is poised as the favored side. Their batting lineup, led by the charismatic Babar Azam, and a formidable bowling unit, spearheaded by the lethal Shaheen Afridi, make Pakistan a formidable force.

However, cricket’s charm lies in its unpredictability, and Bangladesh, known for their tenacity and ability to pull off upsets, cannot be underestimated. The contest promises to be a thrilling one, with both teams possessing the potential to claim victory. Cricket fans worldwide are in for an exciting showdown on October 31, 2023, as Pakistan and Bangladesh lock horns in this highly anticipated clash.


The 31st match of the ICC World Cup Cricket 2023 Pakistan vs Bangladesh is poised to be a thrilling encounter. With analysis indicating a slight edge for Pakistan due to their robust lineup and form, the unpredictable nature of cricket leaves ample room for Bangladesh to stage an upset. As the toss and weather conditions add a layer of strategic depth to the game, cricket enthusiasts worldwide are set for an exhilarating contest come October 31, 2023. This showdown not only reflects the teams’ prowess but also the indomitable spirit of cricket.

Disclaimer: Predictions are based on analysis, and cricket, by its very nature, can be unpredictable. Always bet responsibly.

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