New Zealand vs Australia 1ST T20I 2024: Betting Tips, Odds, and Prediction

New Zealand vs Australia

The cricket face-off between New Zealand vs Australia is about to bring more excitement as they get ready for their 1st T20I match in the Australia Tour of New Zealand on February 21, 2024. This big game is happening at the famous Sky Stadium in Wellington. It’s not just going to be thrilling but will also show us how both teams are preparing at the start of the series. Today, the Daman Games team is here to give you their best betting tips, odds, and predictions.

New Zealand vs Australia Betting Tips

As we get ready for the exciting match between NZ vs AUS, let’s look at some betting tips:

  • Team Strengths: Even though Australia’s recent performance has been up and down, their ability to handle tough situations and come back strong is a big plus.
  • Weakness of the Opponent: New Zealand is strong when they play on their home ground, but they sometimes struggle against fast bowling, which is something Australia can take advantage of.
  • Our Team Pick: Considering how balanced the Australia team is and how they’ve been playing lately, we believe they have a 65% chance of winning in Wellington.

Match Odds

The following are the match odds for the forthcoming New Zealand vs. Australia game.

New Zealand Draw Australia




NZ vs AUS: Confrontation

The cricket match between New Zealand vs Australia is famous for its rich history and thrilling moments, with both teams giving us some unforgettable matches. Their battles on the field are always edge-of-the-seat stuff, showing off the amazing skills and smart strategies they both bring. The next game, the 1st T20I on February 21, 2024, is going to write a new page in this exciting story, and fans are super excited for a match that promises great cricketing action.

In their recent games, both sides have seen wins and learned lessons. The last few matches have been a mix of one-sided wins and tight finishes, showing how T20 cricket keeps changing and growing on the international stage.

Previous Scores Table:

Match Date League Winner Notable Player


ICC T20 World Cup


Devon Conway


ICC T20 World Cup Final


Mitchell Marsh


T20I Series


Martin Guptill


T20I Series


Aaron Finch


T20I Series


Ashton Agar

Overall Head-to-Head Summary:

The match history between New Zealand vs Australia in T20Is is closely fought. Australia might have won more in big ICC tournaments, like their unforgettable win in the 2021 T20 World Cup Final, but New Zealand has shown they’re tough competitors, especially when playing at home. In their latest game, New Zealand beat Australia by a big difference, proving they can take on and beat even the toughest teams.

Team Analysis

Talking about a cricket match between New Zealand vs Australia is like chatting about an exciting film filled with action and suspense. Let’s explore what sets these teams apart and what we might see in their next game.

New Zealand Team

The New Zealand cricket team, famous for their never-give-up attitude and strong teamwork, is a tough competitor in international cricket. Mixing seasoned leaders with fresh, energetic players, they offer a well-rounded and lively style of play, always prepared to face any challenge head-on.

Recent Performances and Important Stats: The New Zealand cricket team, also known as the Black Caps, has been showing some great form off late. They’ve managed to secure wins both on their home ground and overseas, proving they’re a force to reckon with. Their latest wins against tough competitors show they know how to handle pressure well.

Team Composition and Expected Playing Eleven: Under the leadership of the cool-headed Kane Williamson, the New Zealand team is a mix of seasoned players and young guns ready to prove themselves. Key players like Devon Conway, who’s not only great behind the stumps but also a big scorer, and Lockie Ferguson, known for his lightning-fast bowling, are vital to the team’s strategy.

Crucial Players:

  • Devon Conway: He’s the man who can turn the game around with his batting skills.
  • Tim Southee: Famous for his clever bowling, especially when the game is on the line.

Strengths and Challenges: The biggest advantage for New Zealand is their unity and never-give-up attitude, fighting till the very end. However, facing extremely fast bowlers or dealing with spin bowling under difficult conditions can sometimes be a hurdle for them.

Australia Team

The Australia cricket team, known for playing hard and smart, is a top team in cricket. They have world-class players and a long history of winning, and they play every game aiming to win big. With a mix of seasoned players and young stars full of energy, watching them play is always exciting.

Team Details, Expected Playing XI: Led by Aaron Finch, the Australian team works seamlessly, filled with players who’ve tasted victory in major contests. They boast of big hitters like Glenn Maxwell and ace bowlers like Adam Zampa, who have the knack for turning matches in their favor.

Key Players:

  • Glenn Maxwell: Famous for his ability to hit massive shots and quickly change the course of the game.
  • Adam Zampa: A clever spinner known for snagging crucial wickets.

Strengths and Challenges: Australia’s main advantage is their bold playing style, both in batting and bowling, aiming for victory right from the start. However, this boldness might backfire if they fail to adjust to the game’s demands swiftly.

Looking at both teams, it’s clear an exciting game awaits us. New Zealand’s knack for keeping cool under pressure and Australia’s bold play style sets up a clash of different cricketing approaches. With players on both sides capable of dramatically influencing the game, cricket enthusiasts are in for a treat.

Venue and Conditions

Sky Stadium is famous for its fair pitch, which is good for both batsmen and bowlers. The weather in Wellington might be a big factor, especially if it’s cloudy, as the conditions could help fast bowlers a lot.

Match Prediction Score

For the next match between New Zealand and Australia, looking at how both teams are playing these days, their team makeup, and past games, we think Australia has a 65% chance of winning. We expect Australia might win by 20-30 runs or take the game with 5 wickets in hand, given their strong batting and bowling skills.

Final Thoughts

As we look forward to the 1st T20I between New Zealand and Australia, it’s clear that the teams are closely matched, though Australia might just have a bit of an advantage because of their recent performances and their history of wins against New Zealand. This game is set to be a display of top-notch cricket, with star players from both teams expected to play key roles. Our guess is leaning towards an Australian win, but remember, cricket matches are decided on the field, not on paper. Let’s hope for a gripping game that matches the excitement this rivalry always brings.

Remember, our predictions and insights are based on the latest team forms, past results, and thorough analysis. Betting comes with its risks, so it’s crucial to be mindful and careful. For more betting advice, you can check out the Tiranga Games Site.

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