India U19 vs Australia U19 Final ICC Under-19 World Cup 2024: Betting Tips, Odds, and Prediction


The cricket fans are in for a real treat as India U19 vs Australia U19 in the big final of the ICC Under-19 World Cup 2024. This exciting match is all set for February 11, 2024, at the beautiful Willowmoore Park in Benoni. It’s not just going to be a display of top-notch cricket but also a fierce fight for the top spot between two of the strongest teams in young cricket. For today, Daman Games Team will share their insight for betting tips, prediction and odds.

India U19 vs Australia U19 Betting Tips

As the big final between INDU19 vs AUSU19 gets closer, let’s look at some key betting advice:

  • Team Strengths: India U19 enters the game with powerful batsmen and skilled bowlers, having played brilliantly all through the series.
  • Team Weaknesses: Australia U19 is a tough team but tends to struggle under pressure, especially their batsmen in key moments of the game.
  • Who to Bet On: Looking at how they’ve played recently and their past wins, India U19 is the team to bet on, with a strong 75% chance of winning the trophy.

Match Odds

The following are the match odds for the Australia U19 vs India U19 game:

India U19 DRAW Australia U19




INDU19 vs AUSU19: Confrontation

The battle between India U19 vs Australia U19 is a big deal in young cricket, bringing out the next big names in international cricket. Their matches are always full of energy and amazing skills, hinting at the bright futures these young players have ahead. The ICC Under-19 World Cup 2024 final is set to add more to their exciting rivalry, offering cricket lovers everywhere a game packed with talent, smart plays, and the enthusiasm of youth.

Match League Winner Notable Player

2nd Semi-Final

ICC Under-19 World Cup 2021/22

India U19

Yash Dhull (IND) - 110 runs

Super League Quarter-Final 1

ICC Under-19 World Cup 2019/20

India U19

Kartik Tyagi (IND) - 4/24


ICC Under-19 World Cup 2017/18

India U19

Manjot Kalra (IND) - 101* runs

7th Match, Group B

ICC Under-19 World Cup 2017/18

India U19

Prithvi Shaw (IND) - 94 runs

11th Match

Quadrangular U19 Series in India 2013/14

Match Abandoned


Overall Head-to-Head Summary

In recent matches between India U19 vs Australia U19, India has shown they’re the top team in youth cricket. They’ve got a special talent for shining in tough situations and bringing out heroes from all parts of the team, leading to big wins in important games like the World Cup final and semi-final. Australia U19, though, has been tough and shown they can hold their own in big matches, making them a strong team to face.

The standout performances from these games have put a spotlight on young stars set to make a big splash in cricket. For India, players like Yash Dhull and Kartik Tyagi, and for Australia, their key players, have all proved their mettle on the big stage, showing they have bright careers ahead.

Team Analysis

The ICC Under-19 World Cup 2024 final is more than just a game; it’s a glimpse into cricket’s future. India U19 vs Australia U19, both packed with rising stars, are ready to face off in a match that’s sure to be a thrilling display of cricket. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these teams tick, including their strong points, areas for improvement, and standout players.

India Under 19 Team

The India Under 19 team, filled with young cricketing stars, has shown its strength all through the ICC Under-19 World Cup 2024. They’ve got a great mix of powerful batting, sharp bowling, and lively fielding, taking them straight to the final, where they’re all set to make history in cricket.

Latest Performance and Key Statistics: This young Indian team has been on a roll in the tournament, with their batsmen attacking fiercely and bowlers keeping things tight. Their path to the final is lined with big wins, proving they’re top in every part of the game.

Squad Details, Predicted XI: Under the leadership of the energetic Uday Saharan, the team brings together big hitters, clever bowlers, and quick fielders. The expected playing XI looks well-rounded, ready to post big scores or chase them without trouble.

Key Players:

  • Uday Saharan: The captain, known for his cool head and smart cricket thinking, is crucial in the batting line-up.
  • Musheer Khan: With his power-packed batting, Khan has the game-changing ability to swing the match in just a few balls.
  • Saumy Pandey: Leading the bowling attack, Pandey’s knack for taking early wickets is a big plus for India.

Strengths and Weaknesses: The big advantage for India is the variety of players who can win matches on their own. But, the middle order’s performance can sometimes be up and down, which might be tricky in tense matches.

Australia Under 19 Team

The Australia Under 19 team is all set for the ICC Under-19 World Cup 2024 final, coming in strong with their bold cricket style and tough spirit. Their path to the final, filled with exciting wins and a solid determination, shows they’re ready to take on the top teams and go for the win.

Squad Details, Predicted XI: Led by Lachlan Aitken, the Australian team is all about bold play and sticking it out till the end. They have a powerful opening lineup and fast bowlers who can give any team a tough time.

Key Players:

  • Hugh Weibgen: This opener is in top form, giving his team the strong starts they need.
  • Callum Vidler: Vidler’s speedy bowling, with his swings, has been a game-changer, making him a key player for Australia.
  • Raf MacMillan: Known for his ability to break partnerships, MacMillan’s bowling will be vital in taking on India’s batsmen.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Australia’s main power is in their attacking batsmen and quick bowlers. But, their spin bowling might not hold up as well, which could be tricky on pitches in the subcontinent.

Venue and Conditions

The pitch at Willowmoore Park is well-known for being balanced, which benefits both batters and bowlers. It is predicted to be a clear day, which will allow for uninterrupted play for the whole day.

Match Prediction Score

In the next match between India U19 vs Australia U19, India U19 is seen as the favorite with a 75% chance to win. It’s expected that India could score more than 280 runs if they bat first. Australia might find it tough to chase this score in the final’s high-pressure environment.

Final Thoughts

The ICC Under-19 World Cup 2024 final is going to be a massive showdown between India U19 vs Australia U19. With India’s solid team and Australia’s never-give-up attitude, cricket lovers are sure to witness an exciting match. Our thoughts are that India U19 might take the win, thanks to their steady play and strong lineup in both batting and bowling. But, in cricket, anything can happen, and Australia U19 is expected to give a tough challenge. Let’s cheer for a great game and may the best team win!

Keep in mind, our predictions come from deep analysis and knowledge, but cricket’s charm is in its unpredictability. So, sit back, enjoy the match, and let’s hope it’s one for the history books for cricket enthusiasts everywhere!

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