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Daman Games stands as the premier online casino platform, boasting a substantial user base of over 1.2 million active members and varieties of Daman Games Rewards. The application offers a diverse selection of games with four different categories, allowing you to choose games based on your expertise. Prior to engaging in any game, it is crucial to conduct thorough research, ensuring you possess adequate knowledge. Be sure to peruse our comprehensive post on Daman Games, where we provide detailed insights into the platform.

Daman Games Promotion Mission

Utilize the promotional bonus from Daman Games rewards to potentially earn up to 4.5 Lakhs. Referring a friend who recharges ₹500 qualifies them as a valid member, earning you Rs.55 for each completed referral. Additionally, achieving three valid referrals rewards you with Rs.155. The more valid members you add, the greater your profits. Upon reaching 5,000 valid members, you unlock the final bonus of ₹355,555 in this promotional offer.

If you invite someone with a valid account who initiates a first recharge of ₹500, you can OBTAIN this bonus in your DAMAN app. The greater the number of people you invite, the higher the rewards you can receive.

Daman Games Rewards

Daman Games Rewards - Gold Offer

Gold opportunities arise every two months during The Daman Games rewards, providing a chance to earn a substantial amount through participation. To join, a minimum of 20 eligible members is required. Eligibility is determined by members who recharge a minimum of three times within a two-month period. Upon achieving 20 qualified members within two months, you can claim a reward of 5,000 Indian Rupees.

This opportunity occurs bi-monthly with a value of 1 crore. Presently, the Daman Games March-April offer is active, inviting your participation. The entry fee begins at 5,000, escalating to 124,000 upon reaching 1,000 members. By adding 1,000 members who recharge thrice within two months, you can secure a reward of 12.5 lakh rupees. To redeem your bonus, reach out to a designated Teacher using the provided contact details after the offer concludes.

You are given a two-month window (March 1 – April 30) to fulfill the task. Our ongoing incentive program is designed to appreciate our dedicated agents this month. The current prerequisite is a minimum of 20 valid invitations, each accompanied by at least three recharge instances.

  • 🔅1000 invites – 12,49,000 rs worth of Diamond
  • 🔅500 invites – 500k rs worth of Pure Gold Bar
  • 🔅200 invites – 200k rs worth of Gold Treasure
  • 🔅150 invites – 100k worth of Gold Treasure
  • 🔅100 invites – 50k worth of Gold Treasure
  • 🔅75 invites – 30k worth of Gold Treasure
  • 🔅50 invites – 20k worth of Gold Treasure
  • 🔅30 invites – 10k worth of Gold Treasure
  • 🔅20 invites – 5k worth of Gold Treasure

Daily Invite Extra Bonus

Daman Games rewards prizes on a daily basis for every invite, and it’s an opportunity you should capitalize on. By inviting two individuals each day who subsequently recharge, you will receive a reward of ₹55. To claim your daily reward and obtain comprehensive information, please reach out to the teacher.

  • 1 invitation can participate in a private forecast
  • Invite 2 friends extra bonus 55 rs
  • Invite 3 friends extra bonus 115 rs
  • Invite 9 friends and get an extra Rs 355
  • Invite 17 friends and get an extra Rs 799
  • Invite 29 friends and get an extra Rs 999
  • Invite 39 friends to get extra Rs 1599
  • Invite more than 59 friends extra bonus 3599 rs
  • Bonuses are delivered the next day 💰💰💰

Daman Games Rewards - Weekly Invite Bonus

The Daman Games Weekly Bonus is determined by the number of individuals you invite within a week. This bonus is dispensed every Monday, and to claim it, you can reach out to your teacher. To be eligible, you need to add a minimum of 15 members in a week, and in return, you will receive ₹555.

  • 💰💰 Weekly gift 💰💰
  • Invite 15 rewards a week 555rs
  • Invite 35 rewards a week 1555rs
  • Invite 45 rewards a week 2555rs
  • Invite 65 rewards a week 3999rs
  • Invite 100 rewards a week 5555rs
  • On Monday, apply to the teacher for the qualified bonus

Referral Commission Who Make 3X Recharge

Upon securing a minimum of 5 valid and active referrals, you become eligible for an additional reward of 500 rs. Furthermore, achieving 500 valid and active referrals qualifies you for a substantial 100k bonus. All pertinent details regarding this opportunity are provided below, and to claim your bonus, kindly contact the teacher.

Play Games & Earn

Additionally, you have the opportunity to earn through Daman Games by engaging in gameplay. If you lack information on how to play, please refer to our other post for guidance. However, it’s important to note that playing games carries inherent risks, so engage at your own discretion. To enhance your chances of winning, it is advisable to follow the tips provided by us before participating in games. For further insights into predictions, consider joining the Daman Games Predictions Telegram channel, where you can gain additional knowledge.

Promote Daman Games Social Media & Earn

Currently, the widespread use of social media has undergone a rapid revolution. You have the opportunity to earn through Daman Games rewards by leveraging various social media platforms based on your preferences. Daman Games frequently introduces social media contests that you can actively engage in. To participate, simply share information about Daman Games rewards on your social media profiles, and as a reward, you will receive incentives.

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