COD Mobile Season 8 Patch Notes – New Maps, Modes, More

On September 7, Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 will be released, bringing with it a host of new maps, weaponry, themed events, operators, and other features. Activision has published comprehensive patch notes outlining all the new features coming to the game in the forthcoming releases. Before the update, there won’t be any downtime for maintenance.

The full list of patch notes for COD Mobile Season 8 is provided below:

New Multiplayer Map – Express

The beloved vintage series of maps that “Express” enjoyed has formally joined the map collection. Players can engage in duels between the track and the platform because to the obvious symmetry of the station structure. The players must be mindful of the fast-moving trains that pass through the station when the gate is opened.

New Multiplayer Chips – Spy Tips

This chip can be used to breach the enemy’s underground armament boxes, laser trip, SAM anti-aircraft missiles, sentry machine guns, explosion-proof devices, and other defenses. After a successful invasion, the other side may use the equipment.

Survival Mode

New Gameplay – Spy Intelligence Activities

Players can pick up data that has been lost on the map in The Seamless Train’s new survival mode to gather spy intelligence. By giving the data to the company, which pays the entire team, you can win the survival mode.

When you hold the data, you will receive the following rewards:

The group offers the player limitless fire support, and while changing rounds, the reserve is not depleted. The information given also aids in analyzing the amount of nearby enemy units, which will be continuously updated on the HUD in the top left corner.

In addition, when holding data, you will receive the following debuffs:

All players’ maps will show the approximate location of any player who is holding data, and the location will be refreshed roughly every 30 seconds. Read more updates in your favorite mobile games here at Daman Games Tips.

New Chip – Tar Chips

Active Skill: Tar Spray Tank helps to increase the movement speed and leaves a tar path with damage and slowdown effects.

Passive Skill: Classified as a fortress to attenuate explosion damage and negative effects.

New Weapons:

New Sniper Rifle – ZRG 20mm: It is a powerful, dependable bolt-action sniper rifle with an incredibly fast rate of fire. With specific upgrades, the weapon also deals a great deal of damage to vehicles.

New Melee Weapon – Butterfly Knife: It is a knife with the sheath unfolded into a handle that elegantly demonstrates the user’s superb skills.

Bug fix:

Luxury Manor: Fixed an issue where the occupiable area of the second point in the stronghold scramble was biased.

Stronghold Scramble: Fixed a bug that prevented players from capturing points when they invaded a stronghold in unusual situations.

Fixed an issue where buggies had an anomaly when colliding.

Comprehensive update – New custom room parameter function

The custom room parameter adjustment page has been added to several multiplayer and survivor modes. The content of the adjustable parameters varies depending on the mode, and all the custom parameters opened this time are as follows:

Player Control: Used to control health, jump height, and energy regeneration speed.

Poison Circle Frequency: Used to control the speed of the shrink rate.

Airdrop Control: Used to control whether airdrops are dropped.

Resurrection Rules: Used to control the in-house resurrection rules.

Wafer Control: Used to control whether chips can be used in the place of birth and which chips can be selected.

Sound Visualization: Visual icons for controlling whether gunshots, footsteps, vehicle sounds can be seen.

Parapet deck delivery: Used to control whether the parapet deck is dropped.

Bullet Limit: Used to control whether the number of bullets in the firearm is limited, closing the limit will make the number of firearms available to an unlimited number of ammunition.

Throwing Object Restrictions: Used to control whether throws are limited, closing the limit will make the number of throws unlimited.

Ground replenishment box delivery: Used to control whether ground containers are delivered.

Weapon Delivery: Rules for controlling the delivery of weapons on the ground.

Throwing object delivery: Used to control ground throwing rules.

Vehicle Delivery: Used to control whether different types of vehicles are released.

Weapon Performance Optimization: Koshka fire and bolt pull performance optimization.

– Man-O-War reload performance optimization.

Continuous Killing Skill Performance Optimization: Optimized the damage range identification for quick air strikes to match the actual explosion range.

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