Daman Games provide varieties of categories of games for players to choose from. From cards to lottery, but one recommendable category id the crash games and Aviator game is one of them. Here are some Aviator game tips for you to consider before playing.

RTP Winnings

The Aviator boasts an impressive 97% RTP, indicating that you’ll get back 97% of your wager in the event of a successful bet. It’s crucial to understand that while the RTP is high, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee a higher likelihood of winning; outcomes still boil down to a binary choice of either winning or losing.

Live Statistics


An additional strategy for the Aviator game involves monitoring live statistics and the live board to observe the outcomes achieved by leading bettors. By reviewing the latest high odds, multipliers, and total winnings, you can gather valuable insights to inform your approach before initiating your betting session. Accessible at the upper section of the game screen, the leaderboard prominently displays the most significant wins.

Watch How Others Play

One advantageous aspect of the Aviator is the ability to witness the game in real-time. Additionally, the Game Chat feature enables interaction with fellow punters, allowing you to observe and follow other players during their betting activities. This includes tracking when they choose to cash out their bets. This interactive experience provides an opportunity to glean strategies from others, potentially enhancing your chances of success.

Bet Low

Among the top recommendations for Aviator game enthusiasts is the strategy of reducing the risk of losing bets. This approach involves opting for smaller, albeit more frequent, winnings. By typically wagering smaller amounts, players increase the likelihood of winning the Aviator game on a more regular basis.

Fun Mode


Prior to engaging in real-money play on Aviator, take advantage of the fun mode. Utilize this mode to experiment with the Aviator tips you’ve acquired, allowing you to assess their effectiveness without risking any actual money.

Odds History

Before diving into real-money gameplay, make use of the fun mode. Experiment with the Aviator tips you’ve acquired in this mode to evaluate their effectiveness, allowing you to ascertain whether they are advantageous without any financial risk.

Internet Connection


Before you place your bets, ensure that your internet connection is robust to prevent any potential lagging or freezing. It’s important to note that neither the game developer nor the casino will be held responsible if you experience losses due to a weak internet connection.

Aviator game is one of the crash game Daman Games has to offer and one of the famous and played games in India.

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