Australia Women vs South Africa Women 2ND ODI 2024: Betting tips, Odds, and Prediction

Australia Women vs South Africa Women

Cricket fans are excitedly looking forward to the 2nd ODI match between Australia Women and South Africa Women. This big game is scheduled to happen at the famous North Sydney Oval on February 7, 2024. It’s more than just a regular match; it’s a huge battle, a key point in the South Africa Women’s tour of Australia. Every run scored, every wicket taken, and every catch made will be crucial in deciding the direction of the series. On this blog, Daman Games team will tell on us about betting tips, odds, and prediction.

Match Odds

Here are the betting odds for the upcoming AUSW vs SAW match:

Australia Women DRAW South Africa




AUSW vs SAW Betting Tips

As the cricket giants get ready for a big showdown, here are some smart betting tips for the Australia Women vs South Africa Women match:

  • Team Strengths: Australia Women are riding high with a series of wins. They have a strong batting team and their bowlers are great at taking early wickets.
  • Opponent’s Weakness: South Africa Women are a tough team but sometimes their batting doesn’t click, making it hard for them to put up big scores.
  • Who’s Likely to Win: Looking at the recent performances and the advantage of playing at home, Australia Women seem to be the team to bet on.

But remember, cricket is full of surprises, and South Africa Women have a reputation for bouncing back when least expected.

Australia Women vs South Africa Women: Confrontation

In women’s cricket, the matches between Australia Women and South Africa Women are always full of talent, smart plays, and fair play. These two teams have a long history of exciting matches that display the skills of top-notch players. The past games, especially during the current South Africa Women’s tour of Australia, have laid the groundwork for a gripping 2nd ODI.

Table of Previous Scores

Let’s take a quick look back at the recent matches between Australia Women and South Africa Women.

Match League Notable Player Result

1st ODI

SA Women tour of AUS 2023-24

Kim Garth (AUSW) - 2/18

AUSW won by 8 wickets

21st Match ICC WWC

ICC Women's World Cup 2021-22

Meg Lanning (AUSW) - 135*

AUSW won by 5 wickets

25th Match ICC WWC

ICC Women's World Cup 2017

Ellyse Perry (AUSW) - 55 & 2/47

AUSW won by 59 runs

5th ODI

SA Women in AUS 2016-17

Ellyse Perry (AUSW) - 56 & 3/52

AUSW won by 43 runs

4th ODI

SA Women in AUS 2016-17

Dane van Niekerk (SAW) - 81 & 3/52

Match tied

Overall Head-to-Head Summary

In the matches between AUSW and SAW, the Australian team usually has the upper hand. The Australia Women’s team has shown their strength time and again with powerful batting, smart bowling, and quick fielding. The South Africa Women’s team, while they have had moments of great play and tough spirit, have generally found it tough to match up to the strong performance of the Australian team.

Team Analysis

Cricket in India is not just a sport, it’s a festival of skill, smart planning, and magical moments. As we get ready for the 2nd ODI between Australia Women and South Africa Women, it’s important to closely look at the strong points, areas to improve, and important players of both teams. Understanding these details will help us know better what might happen in the next game.

Australia Women Team

The Australia Women’s cricket team is a big name in women’s cricket, famous for their energetic and bold way of playing. They have a great mix of seasoned players and lively young stars, always playing at a top level on the field. This makes them a tough team to beat in any cricket match.

Recent Performances and Important Numbers: The Australia Women’s team, famous for their bold and smart playing style, has been performing wonderfully. Their latest wins show how well-balanced their team is, with strong batters and bowlers. Their skill in adjusting to different playing conditions and teams makes them a strong opponent.

Team Composition, Expected Team: The Australian team is a mix of seasoned players and new, energetic talents. Experienced players such as Meg Lanning, Ellyse Perry, and Alyssa Healy bring a lot of know-how, while young players like Phoebe Litchfield bring new vigor to the team.

Key Players:

  • Meg Lanning: A captain who sets an example with her strong batting skills. 
  • Ellyse Perry: A versatile player who performs well both as a batter and a bowler. 
  • Alyssa Healy: A wicketkeeper-batter famous for her fast scoring and keen wicketkeeping.

Strengths and Weaknesses: AUSW’s biggest strength is their overall skill in both batting and bowling, and their knack for either attacking or holding the game steady when needed. However, depending too much on their top-order batters might be a weak point if those batters don’t perform well.

South Africa Women Team

The South Africa Women’s cricket team is admired for their tough and energetic play, offering a special mix of talent and grit on the field. They have both experienced players and rising stars, known for breaking barriers and setting new standards in women’s cricket. Their knack for performing well in big moments makes them an exciting team to follow.

Team Composition, Expected Team: The South Africa Women’s team, known for their fighting spirit, includes players who can dramatically change the course of a match. They rely on the expertise of players like Marizanne Kapp and Laura Wolvaardt, along with the fresh energy of the younger players.


Key Players:

  • Marizanne Kapp: Known for her tough spirit and skill in handling tense situations.
  • Laura Wolvaardt: A reliable batter who can hold the innings together.
  • Shabnim Ismail: A fast bowler known for her ability to take important wickets.

Strengths and Weaknesses: SAW’s main strength is their bowling, which can limit the other team’s runs. But their batting, particularly in the middle order, hasn’t always been steady, which might be a worry when playing against a strong team like Australia.

Venue and Conditions

The North Sydney Oval is famous for its pitch that favors batters, often leading to high scores. The weather is likely to be sunny, creating ideal conditions for a cricket match. Teams that win the toss might choose to bat first and aim for a high score.

Match Prediction Score

In the next match between Australia Women and South Africa Women, given their recent performance and the benefit of playing at home, Australia Women are expected to keep up their winning run. But remember, cricket can surprise us, and South Africa Women have the skills to change the game. We’re expecting a match with lots of runs, with Australia Women possibly winning by about 30-40 runs or taking 3-4 wickets more.

Final Thoughts

As the 2nd ODI between Australia Women and South Africa Women draws near, excitement is at its highest. Australia Women, in top form with a well-rounded team, are the ones to watch. Yet, the fighting spirit of South Africa Women means they shouldn’t be taken lightly. This game is set to be an exciting showcase of top women’s cricket. The Daman Games team leans towards a win for Australia Women, but in the end, it’s the love for cricket that truly triumphs.

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Note: The betting insights and odds shared here are just for information. Betting comes with its risks and isn’t for everyone. Please bet wisely and only if it’s allowed where you live.

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