Australia vs West Indies 2nd ODI 2024: Betting tips, Odds, and Prediction

Australia vs West Indies

The cricketing giants battle Australia vs West Indies team in the much-anticipated 2nd ODI of their tour in Australia, 2024. Scheduled to take place at the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground on February 4, 2024, this match promises to be a thrilling encounter. The series is not just about winning; it’s about prestige, history, and the sheer love of the game. On this blog, our daman games team will share ther insight for betting tips, odds, and prediction.

Australia vs West Indies Betting Tips

Cricket enthusiasts and punters, here’s a concise guide to where the smart money should go in the upcoming match of Australia vs West Indies:

  • Team Advantages: Australia’s home ground advantage and their formidable batting lineup make them the favorites. Their bowlers are known to exploit the pitch conditions at Sydney.
  • Opponent’s Disadvantage: The West Indies team, while packed with talent, has shown inconsistency, especially in their bowling department.
  • Strong Team Recommendation: With the current form and historical data, betting on Australia would be a wise choice.

Match Odds

The table odds will be seen below and reference for the upcoming match of Australia vs West Indies.





Confrontation: AUS vs WI

In the realm of cricket, few rivalries capture the essence of competition as vividly as the one between AUS vs WI. The history between these two cricketing powerhouses is rich with memorable matches, each narrating a unique tale of cricketing prowess and strategic acumen. The recent games in this series have only added more chapters to this storied rivalry.

Table of Previous Scores, Matches, and Notable Performances

Match Date Tournament Winning Team Notable Player

Feb 02, 2024

West Indies tour of Australia, 1st ODI


Xavier Bartlett (AUS) - 4/17

Jul 26, 2021

West Indies tour of Australia, 3rd ODI


Ashton Agar (AUS) - 19* & 2/31

Jul 22, 2021

West Indies tour of Australia, 2nd ODI

West Indies

Nicholas Pooran (WI) - 59* (75)

Jul 20, 2021

West Indies tour of Australia, 1st ODI


Mitchell Starc (AUS) - 5/48

Jun 06, 2019

ICC Cricket World Cup


Nathan Coulter-Nile (AUS) - 92 (60)

Overall Head-to-Head Summary

The head-to-head encounters between Australia vs West Indies reveal a narrative of intense competition and fluctuating dominance. Historically, Australia has often had the upper hand, showcasing their depth in both batting and bowling departments. However, West Indies, known for their flair and aggressive style of play, have had their moments of brilliance, turning the tables on the Aussies on several occasions.

In recent times, the trend has somewhat favored the Australian side, with players like Xavier Bartlett and Ashton Agar stepping up and delivering match-winning performances. The West Indies, on the other hand, have shown resilience and fighting spirit, with players like Nicholas Pooran making significant contributions.

As the Australia vs West Indies teams gear up for their next encounter, the cricketing world eagerly anticipates another chapter in this riveting rivalry, where strategy, skill, and passion will once again collide on the cricket field.

Team Analysis

In the grand cricketing rivalry between Australia vs West Indies, each match is more than just a game; it’s a showcase of cricketing heritage, talent, and passion. As we gear up for the 2nd ODI of the West Indies tour of Australia, let’s delve deep into the strengths, weaknesses, and key players of both teams, offering a comprehensive analysis of what to expect in this high-octane clash.

Australia Team Analysis

The Australian cricket team, known for its formidable presence on the field, stands as a symbol of excellence and competitive spirit. With a rich history of remarkable achievements and a roster brimming with talent, the team consistently showcases a blend of experienced maestros and vibrant young talents, making them a force to reckon with in the world of cricket. Their strategic gameplay and unwavering determination often set the stage for thrilling matches and memorable victories.

Latest Performance and Key Statistics: Australia, known for their aggressive and strategic gameplay, have shown remarkable consistency in recent matches. Their ability to adapt to different playing conditions and the depth in batting and bowling departments make them a formidable side. The team’s fielding, often sharp and agile, adds to their overall strength.

Squad Details, Predicted XI: The Australian squad, a blend of experienced campaigners and young talents, is expected to field a strong playing XI. Players like Steven Smith, known for his technical prowess, and the all-round abilities of Glenn Maxwell, provide stability in the middle order. The pace attack, likely led by Pat Cummins and Mitchell Starc, is known for its speed and accuracy.

Key Players:

  • Steven Smith: Known for his skillful technique and calm presence, Smith plays a key role in steadying Australia’s innings.
  • Glenn Maxwell: Famous for his dynamic batting and useful spin bowling, Maxwell has the power to turn the game around quickly.
  • Pat Cummins: Leading the fast bowling, Cummins’ knack for taking early wickets often sets the match’s pace.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Australia’s main strength is their well-rounded team and their knack for shining under pressure. However, their middle-order batting can sometimes be shaky, particularly against top-notch spin bowling, a point that teams like West Indies might take advantage of.

West Indies Team Analysis

The West Indies cricket team, known for its vibrant and bold style, carries a rich tradition filled with enthusiasm and skill. Famous for their powerful batting and energetic play, the team brings together a diverse mix of talent from different Caribbean islands, each player adding their own special touch to the game. Their knack for dramatically changing the course of the game, along with a deep-rooted cricket history, makes watching the West Indies team a captivating experience.

Team and Expected Playing XI: The West Indies, recognized for their flair and hard-hitting, boast a squad capable of surprising any rival. Their batsmen, usually bold and daring, have the ability to swiftly swing the game in their favor. Their bowlers, offering a variety of fast and spin options, can be just as formidable.

Key Players:

  • Shai Hope: A reliable batsman, Hope’s knack for playing substantial innings brings steadiness to the team.
  • Jason Holder: As an all-rounder, Holder’s skill with both bat and ball, along with his seasoned approach, are priceless assets.
  • Kemar Roach: Renowned for his speed and skill in swinging the ball, Roach can be a major threat in the early stages of the game.

Strengths and Weaknesses: The West Indies team is known for their powerful batting and quick run-scoring ability. However, their inconsistency and tendency to lose wickets quickly can be worrisome. The team’s success often depends on the performance of their key players during the game.

Venue and Conditions

The Sydney Cricket Ground is famous for its pitch that favors batsmen. Yet, bowlers also have a chance to shine, especially in the early and late parts of the game. The weather report predicts a sunny day, perfect for a game where a lot of runs can be expected.

Match Prediction Score

Here’s our forecast for the upcoming Australia vs West Indies match. Expected

  • Result: Australia is favored to win.
  • Reason for Prediction: Looking at the team’s recent performance, the advantage of playing at home, and past records, Australia seems to have a slight upper hand against West Indies.
  • Predicted Way of Winning: Australia might secure a significant victory, either by scoring many more runs or taking more wickets.
  • Projected Score Difference: Australia to triumph by 70 runs or secure the match by taking 5 wickets.

Final Thoughts

As the cricket excitement unravels at the Sydney Cricket Ground, the spotlight is on Australia vs West Indies. Australia, with their strong team and the benefit of playing at home, appears to be in a favorable position. Yet, the West Indies, with their knack for surprising turnarounds, could change the game’s direction. Our analysis tilts towards Australia, taking all aspects into account, but remember, in cricket, the game isn’t decided until the very last ball. Keep watching, and let’s cheer for the best team to triumph!

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Please note: Our predictions and insights are rooted in data and statistics and do not assure the actual result of the match.

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