AUS vs NZ, 2nd Test, T20I 2024 | Betting Tips, Odds, and Prediction

aus vs nz

Teams: Aus vs Nz
Venue: Christchurch
Date: March 08, 2024
This game is a crucial part of the series, and both teams are eager to bag a victory. The significance of this match is huge because it might just determine who takes the series home. In today’s blog, our Daman Games team will offer their expert advice on betting tips, odds, and predictions. Start reading to find out if your favourite team stands a chance to win!

AUS vs NZ Betting Tips

As we get ready for a thrilling match between the cricket powerhouses Aus vs Nz, let’s dive into our best betting advice:

  • Team Strengths: Australia’s current form and their strong track record in New Zealand make them the favourites.
  • Challenges for the Opposite Team: New Zealand has found it tough to keep up their game consistently and hasn’t been able to stand up to Australia’s strength in recent matches.
  • Our Team Pick: Looking at the overall capabilities and recent showings, we’re tilting towards Australia as the stronger side.

Match Odds

This is the match odds between Aus vs Nz:

Australia DRAW New Zealand




Australia vs New Zealand: Confrontation

The cricket match-up between Aus vs Nz is rich with history and unforgettable battles. Looking forward to the 2nd Test of the T20I series in 2024, it’s important to look back at their recent game and overall performance against each other to guess what might happen next.

In their latest game, Australia proved they’re a force to reckon with by winning decisively against New Zealand. This victory highlighted Australia’s cricket skills, both in batting and bowling, showing why they’re seen as one of the top teams in the cricket world.

Previous Scores Table:

Match Date Venue Result Notable Player

Feb 29 - Mar 03, 2024

Basin Reserve, Wellington

Australia won by 172 runs

Cameron Green (AUS)

Cameron Green really shone in the game, doing wonders with both bat and ball. His skill in all areas of the game was clear for everyone to see, winning him the Player of the Match award and guiding Australia’s strategy for the series.

Overall Head-to-Head Summary:

The overall match record between Australia vs New Zealand leans towards Australia. Over the years, Australia has consistently outshined New Zealand in matches played both at home and abroad, demonstrating their strong team and ability to adapt to various conditions. Yet, New Zealand has also delivered some unforgettable wins, bringing thrill to their contests.

The clashes between these two teams are known for their fierce competition, where standout performances from players can change the game’s direction. For Australia, Nathan Lyon, and for New Zealand, Kane Williamson, have been key players, making significant impacts with their talent and leadership.

Team Analysis

When we chat about cricket, especially an exciting series like Aus vs Nz, it’s important to look closely at what each team is good at and where they might struggle. Let’s take a closer look at what both teams offer for the next 2nd Test match.

Australia Team

aus vs nz

The Australian cricket team, famous for its bold and smart play, steps into the 2nd Test against New Zealand feeling very confident. With a mix of seasoned players and promising new stars, they’re set to keep up their winning streak and grab another victory in this thrilling series.

Latest Performance and Key Statistics:
The Australian cricket team is buzzing with confidence after their latest victory over New Zealand. Led by standout players like Cameron Green and Nathan Lyon, their performance has been truly impressive. They’ve shown they can rule the game, both with batting and bowling, sending a clear warning to their opponents.


Squad Details, Predicted XI:

Though the final team will be shared just before the game, we’re looking forward to seeing stars like Cameron Green, who’s been in top form, and Pat Cummins, with his powerful pace bowling, on the field. It’s pretty likely that Nathan Lyon, known for his magic spins, will also make the team, thanks to his recent successes.

Key Players:

  • Cameron Green: A young player who excels in both batting and bowling, proving he can make a big difference in the game.
  • Nathan Lyon: Famous for his spinning skills, Lyon can trouble the batsmen a lot, especially on a spinning track.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Australia’s main advantage is its well-rounded team, which shines in every aspect of cricket. But, adjusting to different pitch conditions swiftly has been a bit tough for them, something they need to work on.

New Zealand Team

aus vs nz

The New Zealand cricket team, known for their never-give-up attitude and strong teamwork, is gearing up for a tough match in the 2nd Test against Australia. They have a good blend of experienced players and new talent, aiming to even out the series and prove their mettle globally.

Squad Details, Predicted XI:

We anticipate seeing key players like their captain, Kane Williamson, who is a top-notch batsman, and Trent Boult, known for his ability to swing the ball in both directions. The team is expected to lean on their rich experience to make a strong comeback in the series.

Key Players:

  • Kane Williamson: He’s the main pillar of New Zealand’s batting, always cool and in control at the crease. 
  • Trent Boult: A fast bowler who knows how to make the most of the swing, playing a key role in the initial overs.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
New Zealand boasts one of the top pace attacks, ready to give tough times to any team’s batsmen. But, their batting hasn’t been very reliable, something they need to fix to give Australia a good fight.

Comparing Both Teams
Australia looks a bit stronger because of their form lately and their ability to perform well in all areas of the game. Yet, don’t write off New Zealand too quickly. Their never-say-die attitude and knack for making a comeback can’t be ignored. For New Zealand, much depends on how their top-order batsmen perform. A strong start could well set them up to take on Australia’s challenge. Meanwhile, Australia will be keen to spot and attack any signs of weakness from the get-go, using their well-rounded team to keep the pressure up on New Zealand..

Venue and Conditions

The field and the surrounding weather will be major factors. In the past, the field has provided a fair game of bat and ball that will be held at Christchurch.

Match Prediction Score

Here’s what we think will happen in the AUS vs NZ match: 

  • Australia has a 65% chance of winning: Looking at how the teams have been playing, how individual players are doing, and what’s happened in past matches, we’re leaning towards a big win for Australia.
  • Why we think so: Australia’s got a strong team overall and has been playing really well against New Zealand lately, which is why we’re predicting they’ll win.
  • How Australia might win: We expect Australia to clinch the victory by hitting big scores and bowling well, probably winning by a good number of runs.

Final Thoughts

This Aus vs Nz match is shaping up to be a thrilling face-off. Australia might seem to have the advantage, but it’s wise not to overlook New Zealand. Our prediction, grounded in deep knowledge and numbers, gives Australia a 65% chance to win. But, let’s not forget, cricket always has room for surprises. Anything could happen! So, gear up for a captivating game.

A gentle reminder: Betting comes with its own set of risks. Always bet with caution.

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